Erase Story: Draw and Brain Puzzle - Gameplay Walkthrough - Erase Mode All Levels 1-72 ANSWERS

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    Erase Story: Draw and Brain Puzzle - Gameplay Walkthrough - Erase Mode All Levels 1-72 ANSWERS
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    Erase Story: Draw and Brain Puzzle
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    Erase the puzzles to help this couple in all parts of a love story.
    Girls need your help to save them at all who are sometimes next door in this riddle game.
    Delete the challenges in this game like the Erase story game brings you and your friends happy moments, puzzle master feelings.
    Hey, let’s enjoy this happy drawing puzzle game.

    Draw and delete - the main skills you need. It is an easy drawing game, just erase or draw it to save girls all.
    Master of solving, they need you to help, withdraw a part or save the item that can help them.
    Save some girls all include many parts of a long story.

    Erase like a master, your skills are an important part of this drawing game. You can make the girls in the game and put them in and out colors a couple of items to get a part of the save some girls is next door project with a brain clue.

    Drawing games like Erase Story is so funny. Let's try. If you don’t know exactly the answers to the puzzles about the project of Save and draw, or try to erase it again.

    An easy drawing game for all, for girls, so talking to invite your friends, next door girls.
    Hey, don’t worry, you only need to know this is a riddle brain game, so focus on thinking is key to the part of this love story to save a girl like a master. It is to finish the project to be a puzzle drawing master for girls.

    Delete master with your next-door friends. It will challenge your brain to draw and delete a part or full in the puzzles.

    Hey, now, play this love drawing story to save girls all in this happy riddle game.

    Hey, let' start this drawing story - riddle game now:
    - Erase the puzzles to save his girl who maybe next door
    - Delete the puzzles, so you can save girls all - the girls next door
    - Save helpless the girl and give the couple the confidence to follow all parts of their love
    - Step by step their love stages in next door
    - Finish some challenging project in this erase journey
    - Hey, finish 100+ levels to be a puzzle delete master

    Erase Story is your great game this spring? Just try to draw, delete to save a girl, explore, and be a master in this riddle story.


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